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    While some Finns still view their eastern neighbour andformer ruler with suspicion, expectations of only a slowEuropean recovery mean more businesses are likely to embracecloser ties with Russia, signalling a readjustment after twodecades of close commercial relations with Europe.
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    For anyone who has been living under a rock, “Dead” is a hit series that features zombies — the hottest ghouls in horror. The show follows the twisted adventures of a group of people who are attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse.
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    The solar company said it closed a $212.5 million financingarrangement with IFC, a World Bank Group member, and the Overseas Private Investment Corp, the U.S. government'sdevelopment finance institution, to build a 100 megawatt peakplant in Chile.
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    The dollar hit a more than two-week high against the yen at98.80 yen, breaking past the Aug. 15 peak of 98.66 yen,which had acted as initial resistance. It was last trading at98.67 yen, up 1.03 percent.
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    JOHNSON: About those critics: New revelations about surveillance of email and phone calls within the U.S. by the National Security Agency and the FBI have prompted bipartisan calls in Congress to restrict the federal government's ability to snoop on its own citizens.
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    Baldwin and 84 other Democratic lawmakers sent a letter Friday to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius saying the ban fosters "an atmosphere that promotes discrimination," according to Gannett Washington Bureau (http://spjour.nl/13Adeqc ). Baldwin is the first openly gay U.S. senator.
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    Mr. de Blasio has argued that his own ad’s claim is based on his unique support for both replacing Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and the entirety of the City Council’s recent Community Safety Act, which expands the definition of police profiling and installs an NYPD inspector general.
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